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Our Number 1 Priority

Health & Safety is of the utmost importance to everyone; clients, employees and the general public alike. At Power Washing Ireland we put this to the forefront of every job whether it is big or small, making Safety our Number 1 priority followed by the quality of workmanship.

ChurchDue to this we have invested a lot of time and money in the very best of equipment such as heists, scaffolding, safety harnesses and all of the necessary training such as FAS Safe Pass course, Manual Handling, first aid and cherry picker tickets as well as our own Fetac Certified on site safety officer who carries out all of our site specific hazard identification and risk assessment and is present on all of our larger jobs.

We also examine all of our equipment and ways of carrying out work on a regular basis. We make all of our safety literature including method statements, insurance policies, safety and all of our safe passes available to all of our clients on request. This included with our excellent working techniques gives all of our client’s peace of mind that every safety precaution is being taken making us more competitive in the market place.

What many people don’t realize is that slips, trips and falls account for the highest number of accidents in the home each year. Many of these accidents occur while homeowners are trying to clean out their gutters.

Don’t risk a long A&E wait and possibly weeks off work, Call the professional today on (044) 9344382.

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