Case Study: Tipperary Royal Visit Preparation

Case Study: Tipperary Royal Visit Preparation

With having to completely transform the two towns Cashel and Cahir before the royal visit, Power Washing Ireland had its' work cut out for them!

With having to completely transform the two towns Cashel and Cahir before the royal visit, Power Washing Ireland had its' work cut out for them!

Nature of Works

To ensure that the two towns were ready for the royal visit, Power Washing Ireland Ltd had to power wash and clean up all of the walkways for Cashel and Cahir. Our time frame for these works was 2 weeks.

We were working with another group who were tasked with resurfacing the roads around the two towns. We had to coordinate with them so as to not be on top of each other while we did our own respective works.

Equipment Needed

While it wasn’t the shortest timeframe, we didn’t want to find ourselves with a lot of work and no time at the end of the second week. Because of this, we decided to dedicate two crews to these works. We organised the crews to focus on one town at a time, with one week dedicated to Cahir and then another to Cashel.

Along with 2 tankers and 4 crew members, we also had to organise the traffic management. Cones, barriers, signs and more were utilised to ensure safety for the people of the two towns. 

"This is my daily dose of shits coming to me" John Macken

Challenge & Solution: Historical Structures

When our sales representative John Macken reviewed the site in preparation for the power washing works, his first concern was the historical structures that required power washing. We needed to be careful that we didn’t cause any damage to them while still giving them a power wash to lift off any surface dirt and grime.

We were in luck however that we have a steam cleaner. This piece of equipment allows us to deep clean surfaces without doing any damage to it. The steam cleaner is slow, so it was used for as much as possible.

Challenge & Solution: Weather

The weather and snow can often cause disruptions and delays in our work schedule. The extreme cold temperatures, heavy snowfall, and icy conditions can make it difficult to travel to our place of work, slowing down productivity. Employees may also experience difficulty in performing their tasks since heavy snowfall can cause power outages, communication issues, and pose risks to employee safety. Additionally, snow removal from driveways and parking lots can take up valuable work hours and resources. Severe weather conditions may also lead to business closures or delay in shipments, resulting in loss of revenue and potential customer dissatisfaction. It is essential to plan ahead for such weather events, have contingency plans in place, and prioritize employee safety to minimize the impact on business operations.

Challenge & Solution: Distance

Another challenge was the distance away from our main site. With the works being carried out in Waterford, it’s an over 2 hour journey to get there. This meant a number of things: Our crew members would have to get up extremely early just to get there at an appropriate time, and then they would leave early, thus extending the timeframe of the job, which we couldn’t afford to do.

We decided that it was best to organise hotels near the campus for the crew members who were doing the works as it reduced the delays from travel and let the crew members to be better slept for the works of the day. We had to find appropriate hotels for them. They had to be as close to the campus as possible and had to have space for our truck mounted lifts and our power washing tankers.

Conclusion of Works

After a month of power washing works, Power Washing Ireland were able to complete the works lined out for them by Waterford IT. Despite the required equipment, manpower and volume of works, Power Washing Ireland were able to tackle this challenge to great effect.

Waterford IT didn’t pick Power Washing Ireland because we were the closest to the site, or we were the lowest price. They picked us because they saw what we brought to the job: with over 30 years experience, a full range of varying machines and tankers for water, we were able to transform Waterford ITs exterior surfaces to it’s original state. We were able to properly corner off areas and apply our own traffic management when needed on site.

Power Washing Ireland is a power and pressure washing services provider with 30 years experience. From domestic driveways and cobblelock to cladding for commercial businesses, we have a high record of customer satisfaction and clear results.

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