Specialised Access

Specialised Access

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The Challange

Many buildings have roofs and surfaces that are difficult to reach safely and efficiently. Many people choose to try and reach these surfaces using ladders and other unsafe means which could result in the user having an accident. At Power Washing Ireland we have the solution.


The Solution

Thanks to our 30 years experience, state of the art equipment and state of the art procedures Power Washing Ireland can reach any surface safely and efficiently. The result of which will completely eradicate the risk of an accident, injury or damage to the surface of the building.

Power washing at height is difficult at the best of times

Power washing at height is difficult at the best of times

Cleaning and power washing walls and driveways is laborious enough. When faced at the daunting prospect of having to power washing your roof, gutters or upper walls, the jobs difficulty becomes two-fold. Where we thrive is our access to MEWP’s (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms). These allow us to power wash awkward corners and hard to reach areas in your property.

Using a power washer while standing on scaffolding or a ladder can easily result in a fatal accident

From simply scissor lifts to our heavy duty brontos, our range of working platforms gives us that edge to access any points of your property that you want cleaned. Not many power washing services can claim they can access your property from 30 metres out!

Specialised Access Equipment Includes:

21-23 Metre Van Mount Lifts

30-58 Metre Truck Mount Lifts

14-26 Metre Self Propelled Booms

6-10 Metre Scissor Lifts

Operators can be provided upon request

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