Prep for Repainting

Preparation for Re-Painting

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The Challange

To remove layers and layers of paint that have been applied over the years. After many of dealing with adverse weather conditions and wear and tear, paint can begin peel off agricultural sheds and buildings. When re-painting it is always best practice to remove old paint first, this however can laborious and time consuming. At Power Washing Ireland we have the solution.

The Solution

Thanks to our 30 years experience, state of the art equipment and state of the art procedures Power Washing Ireland will clean away all layers of paint and leave your buildings in perfect condition for re-painting. The result of which will provide the best possible finish after painting is completed.

An important step to repainting is to properly prepare each surface

An important step to repainting is to properly prepare each surface

Domestic garden hoses are simply not powerful enough to effectively remove paint from any walls or exterior surfaces. A power washer or power washer is a better fit in these tasks. In fact, power wash hoses can be up to 50 times more powerful than regular hoses when required. These high-power systems are ideal for getting the right power to remove old paint and dirt in preparation for a smooth paint job.

For a re-painting to succeed, the area must be cleaned well, a job that can be pretty laborious by hand

If your house, sheds or any painted exterior surfaces has peeling, flaking or blistering paint then expect a professional power washing to blow off loose chips of paint. These are especially effective when used by a trained professional power washing crew. Removing loose paint with power washing greatly helps the re-painting process.

All Buildings Catered For Including:

Stone Buildings

Galvonised Sheds

Concrete Structures

Iron Works

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