The Difference between Power & Pressure Washing

The Difference between Pressure & Power Washing

There is a misconception that Power Washing and Pressure Washing are the same thing. The reality is quite different

There is a misconception that Power Washing and Pressure Washing are the same thing. The reality is quite different

Probably one of the most common questions we get asked is whether or not power/pressure washing concrete will damage it. Obviously without proper knowledge or care power washing any surface will lead to damaging it, and concrete is no exception. Despite being one of the more tougher building materials, adverse weather and time will take its toll on any surface. 

If done correctly, power washing the concrete patio, driveway or pathways around your home can really have an transformative effect and bring back to life areas that feel somewhat drained. This is why if you are unsure of your abilities you’re better off leaving it to the professionals, as they have years of experience in dealing with a vast array of surfaces.

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If you are considering power washing any concrete, there are a couple of steps you should take before power washing any surface. Firstly, check your water supply. Without it you won’t be able to do the job effectively. Next is to try out the power washer with aiming at any surface, in order to get a feel for it. You should then pick an appropriate nozzle. The higher the number, the less narrow and forceful the spray. If you’re not sure use the broadest one first and then work your way down.

Next assess the area which you are going to power wash. If there are any obstructions or surfaces that could be damaged due to high pressured water. Be sure to back up from the concrete surface, around 10 feet from it and then move closer as you become more comfortable.

If you are still unsure, it’s time to then think about calling a professional. These service providers are more than capable of dealing with any issues and know how to clean many surfaces without causing damage.

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Power Washing Ireland is a power and pressure washing services provider with 30 years experience. From domestic driveways and cobblelock to cladding for commercial businesses, we have a high record of customer satisfaction and clear results.

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