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The Challenge

To replenish your walls to as new condition. After years of dealing with adverse weather conditions, moss build up, bird droppings and debris from near by trees, walls can grow old and tired looking. At Power Washing Ireland we have the solution.

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The Solution

Thanks to our 30 years experience, state of the art equipment and state of the art procedures Power Washing Ireland will clean away all the years dirt, grime and moss. The result of which will leave your walls looking like a brand new walls.

Power washing is the first critical step to get your property ready for painting

Power washing is the first critical step to get your property ready for painting

By not removing the dirt and grime from a wall, the chances of any coating you apply failing sooner than it should greatly increases as there is a lack of hold on the surface.

Power washers takes off dust, chalk, mildew, and even old paint using highly pressurized water. They’re not difficult appliances to operate, but they can be dangerous in the hands of an unskilled user. In addition, experienced users know how to remove undesirable layers of dirt without damaging the surface itself.

When you do your own power washing, you run the risk of doing more damage than good

Power washers can present certain dangers to your property’s walls and must be done in the correct way to avoid or minimize potential problems. Our power washing teams have been using our top of the line equipment to carry out jobs around the country for years and have left each wall without damaging them.

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