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Specialised Access 

The Challenge

Many buildings have roofs and surfaces that are difficult to reach safely and efficiently. Many people choose to try and reach these surfaces using ladders and other unsafe means which could result in the user having an accident. At Power Washing Ireland we have the solution.


The Solution

Thanks to our over 20 years experience, state of the art equipment and state of the art procedures Power Washing Ireland can reach any surface safely and efficiently. The result of which will completely eradicate the risk of an accident, injury or damage to the surface of the building.

Specialised Access Reached


Satisfied Customers

Available Equipment

Amazing Result

Specialised Access Equipment Includes:


  • 21 – 23 Meter Van Mount Lifts


  • 30 – 58 Meter Truck Mount Lifts


  • 14 – 26 Meter Self Propelled Booms


  • 6 – 10 Meter Scissor Lifts


  • Operators can be provided upon request


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