Slats/Slatted Sheds

Slats/Slatted Sheds

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The Challange

To replenish your Slats and Slatted Sheds to as new condition. After years of dealing with livestock manure, slats and slatted sheds can become blocked and harbour harmful bacteria and infections. At Power Washing Ireland we have the solution.


The Solution

Thanks to our 30 years experience, state of the art equipment and state of the art procedures Power Washing Ireland will clean away all manure and blockages in slats and slatted sheds. The result of which will leave your slats and slatted sheds looking like brand new roof and infection free.

Slatted sheds of farm buildings become clogged with muck over time

Slatted sheds of farm buildings become clogged with muck over time

We clean and disinfect between the slats, removing all traces of dirt and debris. This process will restore your buildings to their original condition, eliminate all infections and destroy any bacteria that may have been accumulating in your sheds over time. This will greatly help in protecting the health of your lifestock and all farmers know that healthy animals mean healthy profits. 

Many farmers arrange for us to make a visit when their sheds need to be repainted

We remove all traces of algae, moss, dirt making and loose or flaking paint. This process leaves your sheds perfectly prepped and ready for painting.

Procedure For Cleaning of Slats/Slatted Sheds:

Traffic / Pedestrian Management set up (if required)

Removal of muck between slats

Application of disinfectant

Results in infection free, clean slats/slatted sheds

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